Thursday, September 9, 2010

My New Obsession!

I have more then a few coats in my closet ready to see sunlight again, but one thing that's missing is a shearling aviator jacket. I can't stress this enough, I NEED this in my wardrobe for Fall!!! This is not a want but a definite MUST. If you girls haven't already, PLEASE PLEASE check out This is my new obsession, browsing through all their shoes and coats and checking off my winter necessities.

The shearling aviator of my choice is the first picture. I have a bomber jacket that is a mahogany color, so this is a coat that I MUST own!

I love ideas on Winter style. Afterall, it is my favorite season. So please give me some more must haves to put on my list :)

PS. I would like a nice plaid cape, any suggestions????

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