Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall Coats Narrowed Down

Searching inside stores and on the web early for your Fall/Winter coats is a mighty smart idea! It assures you that you will find your favorite coat in an available size. Trust me waiting too long is a risk your favorite coat will be sold out! Take it from me, I've had this happen to me one too many times. So I have narrowed my loves down, and these are my pics for this Fall season :)

The first is the classic yet oh so famous military style jacket. I love this jacket because it is still very versatile and can be paired with your favorite bell bottoms, slacks, clogs and for me my favorite GREENBEES boots! Which are also on my fav. Fall/Winter must have list.

The second is a chocolate brown shearling aviator style leather jacket! I love the collar on this jacket and more importantly the price of $189.00 fits my budget!!

These beauties are sure to keep me warm and comfortable through the chilly seasons! What are your favorite Fall/Winter pieces?? I'd Love to know!

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