Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shopping, Shopping

MAC Venomous Villains Collection

Last week I picked up some MAC Cosmetics. I'm a sucker for Disney anything, and I knew no matter how much I loved the products, I had to pick something up from this collection.

The items I picked up are the following:

Evil Queen: Bite of an apple
Evil Queen: Oh So Fair
Nail Polish: Mean and Green
Dr. Facilier: Magically Cool Lliquid Powder

My favorite SURPRISINGLY enough is the Dr. Facilier Cool Liquid Powder. This powder is honestly in my opinion MAGIC!!! It makes my skin look and feel flawless! What a surprise because he was my least favorite Villain :(. My second favorite would have to be the Blushing powder in, Oh so fair. Perfect sheer tone blush in a beautiful packaging. The Evil queen is my favorite, shes so pretty!

This weekend I went on an unexpected shopping spree! While at the Mall, I went into Charlotte Russe with my sister with the intention of buying NOTHING and came out with 10 things! For not liking a store, I sure found a lot of amazing pieces.  The bib necklace below being one of them :) I love the darkness of the gemstones and the chunky feel it gives. The first day I wore this necklace I received 3 compliments on it! Everyone of them asked me where I purchased, and so I told them. Then I realized why I love doing youtube and blogging! I get to share with all of you when i find something as amazing as this necklace.

These 3 are also part of my binge at Charlotte Russe. I spotted them and had to have them! They are a nice dark gun metal color and are the perfect mixture of metals for Fall. They remind me of a few J.Crew jewelry pieces I'm dying to pick up!


Every girl should have a nice pair of Leopard ballet flats in her closet. As for me I'm all set with mine originally $50.00 on sale for 14.99 they were to good to pass up!

* Leather Shorts
There are a few things that I would really like to have in my closet for Fall. Black leather shorts being one of them. Now I know they might not be conventional, but I think with the right shoes and top you can pull these off as easy as skinny jeans! 

Chanel Classic Flap Wallet

There's not much to say about this beauty! Only that she's on my wish list :)


Leopard Coat, what a beauty! This would look great hanging in my closet :) I opted for another coat from Bloomingdales that I deemed more versatile, but it doesn't mean I can't drool over this one. Hmmm.....Maybe for Xmas :)

Creme de La Mer
I'm going to get my hands on this miracle cream, just waiting to finish up my Dr. Perricone,
which I do LOVE, so I'm hoping I will love this one even more so.

  $130.00 for 1oz


  1. I'm going to have to try that powder. And leather shorts definitely are on my list for must haves too! :)

  2. Love the chain necklaces and the flats. I never go into Charlotte Russe anymore. I will definitely go in there next time I'm at the mall. What exactly is the Magically Cool Liquid powder supposed to do? Is it a foundation or a finishing powder? It has such a cool sounding name.

  3. The powder is AMAZING! I wish i had purchased a backup. The girls said it can be used as an all over powder or even just as a highlighter powder. It brightens up your face and leaves this flawless look, not to mention it feels so hydrating going on the skin. :) If you can get your hands on it its worth the money!

  4. I think I'm going to ge the La Mer cream, and definitely need a Chanel wallet :)