Thursday, September 30, 2010

Little Things that Excite Me

There is something about nail polish that makes me happy, I thinks it's the feeling of being able to buy SO MANY without feeling guilty or like I'm over doing it.  

I was browsing the O.P.I website and I couldn't help but become obsessed with the new Swiss Collection. The colors are amazing, very deep jewel tones that put the finishing touch to, let's say, a beautiful chunky cocktail ring or accent to your chunky gold bracelets and watch :). There is something to say about a girl with a nice manicure, tells me she is strong, independent, pays attention to detail and LOVES fashion (my thoughts anyway) Here are a few of the colors that I purchased.

PS>>One of my nail colors didn't arrive with the rest and that is the BEAUTIFUL gold color, but I'm hoping I will get it in soon. Until then I'm sure i have enough colors to hold me over!

 My Nail Color Purchases

 OPI Swiss Collection- cuckoo for this color

 OPI- Swiss Collection- diva of Geneva

 OPI Swiss Collection- ski teal we drop

 OPI Swiss Collection- color so hot it berns

 OPI Swiss Collection- William tell me about opi

China Glaze recycle


  1. Very nice! I'd be interested in seeing the China Glaze on your nails.

  2. I know what you mean. I love a great manicure and I love the Swiss collection. I'm especially loving the Cuckoo for this color.

  3. I like the colors! So u get those at the salon??

  4. No I ordered some from Amazon and some from an Ebay store(better prices) :)