Thursday, October 9, 2014

Heeled Sneaker

Nike Dunks

I have my sweet sister to thank for my latest obsession! After seeing and trying on her Nike Dunks, I thought I simply must own a pair of my own. I didn't think I could pull these off after trying on the infamous  Isabel Marant  "high heeled" wedged sneakers. I was a little turned off by how large they made my foot look (very pudgy). I love how they look on everyone else but on me I felt they added more bulk to my leg (if that makes any sense). These on the other hand, manage to make my feet look a lot smaller, and when you have a size 10 foot, that's always a plus! 

My new Kicks arrived from Farfetch (also available here) just in time for Fall! I definitely needed a great new pair of comfy shoes which make my legs look longer and leaner. I must admit that I feel "cooler" in these babies. 

Here are a few inspirational pics for your viewing until I can manage to upload some of my own styled pics. 

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