Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Xmas Wish List!

Hermes Bracelet
Hermes- enamel bracelet in purple and gold

 I love this Hermes enamel bracelet. This purple color is beautiful for Fall & Winter and every season for that matter. I'm debating between purple or red?? A classic bangle to wear with virtually any outfit I pull together.


Balenciaga- Black first- Murier second

 Need I say more?? Balenciaga is the epitomy of fashion. Right up there with Chanel. On a list of  5 classic bags to own this is definitely one of them. A timeless piece that ages beautifully with wear. Don't know if I will get this for Xmas, but it's definitely on my wish list, and I am willing to save for it! The only confliction I have is whether I want this bag in black or a color to make that "pop" statement :)

Hermes Belt

Hermes-H buckle belt reversible leather belt.

Ok I know, I know again with Hermes, but I'm being honest when I say I'm obsessed with this belt. I have to have it! I have always loved belts, I think when worn correctly, they are always an investment in your wardrobe. A classic belt that adds a touch of glamour to your life :)

YSL- Coral colored ring, Lapis colored ring (left to right)

If you haven't already seen this beautiful ring on numerous blogs, here it is again! I bought the Coral colored one on the left! I think its absolutely GORGE!!! But I can't get enough! I would like the Lapis color too!  Worn together or separately I think they compliment one another nicely! So, yes I'm asking for a 2nd, perhaps in my stocking??? (hint, for hubby)

CHANEL Classic Quilted Wallet
CHANEL - Classic large wallet on the left

I need this wallet, its a matter of necessity now!!! OK I'm exaggerating a little, or a lot :) But really I have been using the same LV wallet for nearly 6-7 YEARS! Its still in impeccable condition, and again that goes to show you that you get what you pay for! Not sure if i want the black wallet, I'm again thinking about a beautiful red color so that it pops when i take it out of my Chanel bag?? Thoughts
Thanks for taking the time to read my wishlist! Some of these babies I just may be lucky enough to get, some may be put off until the next glorious holiday, and I'm fine with that. I love sharing with you all my thoughts, afterall isn't that what blogs are for? :) A girl will always have a love affair with fashion and beauty it's how we were created! LOL But there's definitely more to me then just the materialistic side I promise!!! I am a hard working woman, a great mom (or so that's what my 5 year old little girl says) and a devoted wife!
I LOVE and Cherish my family and friends!

Thanks for reading Please feel free to leave your comments below.




  1. I love Balenciaga bags!! Its classic with just enough edge! Loving the Hermes bracelet-id go with the Red, such a classic color :)

  2. I really like the Hermes-H buckle belt even if I hate doing free promo because is the brands logo

  3. Quite a collection for your wish list! They are awesome picks!

  4. I want everything on your wishlist too!! You have great taste :) I just found your videos and I am so jealous of your ysl rings!

  5. love your great!!!!
    follow u now...
    beautiful post

  6. I love Balenciaga bags like the YSL rings!!!!