Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nude Lip

Don't you ever find yourself looking in the mirror and no matter what you wear or how you change your hair, you just start to get tired of your same old look? Seriously that happens to me more often than not; not so much with my clothes but more so with my hair and makeup. I'm pretty stuck in my ways and don't like a whole lot of change. Change can be hard, takes a lot of getting used to! So here is my NEW nude lip look. This is MAJOR for me because I have always shyed away from nude lips, maybe because the lipsticks I had just were not the right nude for my lips! I also purchased a new blush in PINK SWOON. This color is a bright pink, which normally i would only wear coraly pinky blushes. With a nude lip you definitely need a pop of color on your cheeks! It brings your face to life :)

What do you guys think about the nude lip?

Lips: MAC lipstick in Hue, Mac Creamsheen Glass in  Partial to Pink
Blush: Pink Swoon
Sorry if my makeup doesn't look all that great its been a LONG day....!

Lips: MAC lipstick in Hue, Mac Creamsheen Glass in Partial to Pink
Blush: Pink Swoon (colors are alot more vibrant in person, my camera washes them out)

I also purchased YSL Silk Sensation, Nars Lipgloss in Turkish Delight.
These are also great nudey pink tones.


  1. I always admire how nude lips look on women. Like the Kardashian sisters, they know how to pull it off! It looks so pretty on you. Nude lip and smoky eye are def. a good combo! :)

  2. What colors did you use for the smokey eye?

  3. Thanks :)
    MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
    MAC Blanc Type
    Prescriptives Matte Grey shadow(name has rubbed off) Its old!- any matte grey should do.

    I want to see your coral look, post please!!